Hood Cleaning School

Now you can start your own profitable kitchen hood cleaning business! With our training program you can learn our proven methods so you don’t have to depend on luck to hit paydirt.

Here’s why you should consider using our training to get into this business now: Trends show people eating out more and more, resulting in more restaurants. Recently, insurance companies and fire inspectors have started requiring most commercial kitchens to have their hood systems cleaned regularly.Therefore, the demand for hood cleaners is on the rise.

hood cleaning certification, hood cleaning training courseWho am I and why should you listen to me

For the past 30 years I have operated and expanded hood cleaning businesses in three widely separated areas of the country. Even during the economic downturn of 2002, I was able to expand my hood cleaning business by 214%. The reasons kitchen operators are calling on my company are the quality of our work and our effective marketing program. Now, for the first time, these proven and very successful hood cleaning and marketing methods are available to you.

What you Get with the Hood Cleaners Online Course.

In this fact filled course, I cover the step by step actions needed to open your own kitchen hood cleaning hood cleaning business.

Using the fictitious company, Ductco, the course takes you through:

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  • Researching your market
  • Pricing
  • Business setup
  • Acquiring the necessary equipment, chemicals and soaps
  • The hood cleaning procedure
  • How to get customers and record keeping.
  • Computer and paper record keeping are covered, including sample invoices, bids and advertisements.
  • And much more..


The course is cram packed with over 100 illustrations, diagrams and color photos. Taking over a year to prepare and write, and based on over 30 years in the hood cleaning business.

This course is well worth the purchase price in saved learning and work time alone. It includes industry standard procedures as well as time and money saving tips developed and picked up over the years.

A real find for both new and experienced hood cleaners alike!

So how much is the course? I have been told I should charge over $500.00 for just a portion of the information we provide. But we are not going to charge you $500. in fact the entire on line course is only $97.00[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]We are so confident you will love the course we provide a full 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the information we provide simply email us and let us know for an unconditional refund no questions asked..[/guarantee_box_1]


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